Art Protects 2014 – Galerie Yvon Lambert in Paris

AIDES CHARITY SALE / NOVEMBER 19-20, 2014 at Yvon Lambert Gallery in Paris

To celebrate the 30 years anniversary of the association AIDES, the gallery Yvon Lambert will welcome an exceptional exhibition, which has always caught the attention of generous art collectors and sponsors thus far.

Hundreds of various works (in 10 x 15 cm format), will be proposed to the gallery visitors and invited guests for only 100€ per artwork. The works are signed on the back of the canvas, which means that the identity of the artist will only be revealed at the time of the purchase. The entire amount of the collected funds will be given to the association – which was already able to collect 200 000€ after last year’s edition.AIDES CHARITY SALE / NOVEMBER 19-20, 2014 at Yvon Lambert Gallery in Paris

List of participating artists :

Adel ABDESSEMED, Yvan ARGOTE, Guillaume AUBRY, Clément BAGOT, Gilles BALMET, Eric BAUDELAIRE, Julie BENA, Jean-Pierre BERTRAND, BOTTO&BRUNO, Julien BOUILLON, Ivana BRENNER, Stéphane CALAIS, Lucien CLERGUE, Claudia COMTE, Marie COOL et Fabio BALDUCCI, John CORNU, Etienne DE BARY, Emile DEGORCE DUMAS, Jochen DEHN, Edith DEKYNDT, Lucille DESAMORY, Julien DISCRIT, Antoine DOROTTE, ERRO, Camilla OLIVEIRA FAIRCLOUGH, Philippe FAVIER, Aurélien FROMENT, Audrey FRUGIER, Sébastien GSCHWIND, Karl HAENDEL, Mona HATOUM, David HORVITZ, Benjamin HUGARD, Voluspa JARPA, Florence JUNG, Joël KERMARREC, KOO Jeong A, Marcus KREISS, Mathieu LAURETTE, Franck LEIBOVICI, Pascal LIEVRE, Jérémy LIRON, Alexandra LOEWE, François MACHADO, Didier MARCEL, Marianne MARIC, Pascale MARTINE TAYOU, Andrea MASTROVITO, Aurélie MATHIGOT, Benoit MENARD, Annette MESSAGER, Anita MOLINERO, Robert MONTGOMERY, Camille PAJOT, Bruno PEINADO, Pascal PINAUD, Bernard PLOSSU, Emmanuel REGENT, Santiago REYES, Felipe RIBON, Sylvain RIEU-PIQUET, Cédric RIVRAIN, Clément RODZIELSKI, Lionel SABATTE, Julien SALAUD, Julien SERVE, Vladimir SKODA, Alec SOTH, Jeanne SUSPLUGAS, Una SZEEMANN, Claire TABOURET, David TREMLETT, Aldéric TREVEL, Clément VALLA, Sébastien VONIER, Brigitte ZIEGER …