Rachid Khimoune

Painter – Sculptor

Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (2007)

Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters (2002)

Grande Medal of the City of Paris (2004)

Sculptor, Rachid Khimoune was born from Kabyle parents, at Decazeville (France), in 1953.

Graduated from the School of art of Paris in 1974, he first starts painting before choosing sculpture. In 1980 he wins the first prize of the « Foundation of France ».

With his numerous and works of art, Rachid Khimoune who exhibits since 1975, is in several museums, and public and private collections.

Pierre Restany, art critics, wrote in 1995:


“The mind took of all the potential visual from oral possibilities with no limits, and that eclecticism of Life is the expression of, without any sort of deceitful action, the universality of a language from personal shorthand of instinct.”

« To see what we can’t see anymore, to look from an other eye, in the magic and the dream » it is what makes all the poetry of his art.

From the “manhole cover”… to the old socket outlet, through the objects of a second hand, Rachid gives volume and life back to the insignificant.

Rachid Khimoune’s universe: an imaginary world filled of real and created animals. Composed by objects that surround our daily life, his “bestiary”, as he says, is now internationally recognized by the critics.

“The Children of the World”, monumental bronze sculptures installed in Paris since 2001, is one of Rachid Khimoune’s greatest pieces.

To realize them, he went too many world cities to capture the “streets skin”.

“We could think that all streets are the same. However, sewer plates and grids around trees are very different from one city to another one as tattoos on the skin. Those signs even reveal the identity of the city, even though it story….

I would have molded the words Water –Gas – Streamlining – Electricity, in all the languages of the world”

Main Exhibitions

2017 Ar[T]senal, Dreux, France

2016 Musée Tavet Delacour, Pontoise, France

2015 Parvis de l’Hotel de ville, Paris

2015 Beirut Art Fair, Beyrouth, Liban

2015 Galerie Francoise Souchaud, Lyon

2014 Musée Rabelais, Seuilly, France

2013 Vallois & Friedman’s gallery, New-York.

2013 Françoise Souchaud’s gallery, Lyon.

2012 Vallois’ gallery, Paris. France

2010 World Expo, Shanghai. China

2009 Art Sawa Gallery, Dubaï. UAE

2008 U Want Art Gallery, Shanghai. China

2008 Arab World Institute, Paris. France

2007 « Salon du Collectionneur » Grand Palais, Paris. France

2006 Vach’Art (Cow Parade), Paris. France

2003 Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo. Monaco

2002 Casa de Francia, Mexico city. Mexico

1999 Bourdelle Museum, Paris. France

1997 Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris. France

1995 Del Léon Gallery, Venice. Italy

1993 Picasso Museum, Antibes. France

1988 Symposium of sculptures in Seoul. South Korea

1986 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, New-York. USA

1984 Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris. France

1976 University Georgetown Washington. USA

Main Realizations

2010 « The Children of the World », 21 Bronze sculptures, Shanghai. China

«The Christmas Tree of Rachid Khimoune», The 15th Anniversary of Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs, Paris

2009 « El Mamoun the Moroccan », sculpture and drawing, Marrakech. Morocco

2009 « The Children of the World », 21 Bronze sculptures, Dubaï. UAE

2007 « Naomi the African girl », sculpture, Ouagadougou. Burkina Faso

2006 « The Bull », sculpture, Turin. Italy

2006 « The Family », sculptures, Ordino. Andorra

2004 « Jean-Baptiste from Monaco », sculpture, Monte Carlo. Monaco

2003 « Felipe the Mexican », sculpture, History Museum of Cuernavaca. Mexico

2002 « Enzo the Italian », sculpture, Sienna. Italy

2001 « The Children of the World », 21 Bronze sculptures, Paris. France

2000 Bronze door for the building « Le Vinci », Paris la Défense. France

1995 Creation of a tapestry for the « Mobilier National de France »

1993 « The Crusaders », sculptures, Chartres. France

1989 « l’Homme Valise », relief, Arab World Institute, Paris. France

1987 « The Warriors », sculptures, Seoul Olympic Parc. South Korea

1987 Mural relief, New-York, USA