The Children of the world, Abu Dhabi 2009

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Rachid Khimoune’s greatest creation “Children Of The world” has been hold at Abu Dhabi Art fair in 2009 in the garden of Emirates Palace.
After the event, they found a permanent “public home” in Abu Dhabi .
Each piece is layered with the stories of cities and their people, and these become embedded in each cast as a visual expression of a historical and human archive. He has captured “the skins of the streets”, moulded their paving stones, drain covers and broken bitumen to produce works of art quite unlike any other.
The urban theme is the central focus and the inspiration of his work. Khimoune explains, “Although all streets seem to be the same, sewer plates and grids around trees are as different from one city to another as tattoos on skin. These are the symbols that represent the identity and document the history or memory of the city.”