Word of explanation

The Children of the World” is one of Rachid Khimoune’s greatest pieces.
These bronze sculptures represent different countries and symbolism the entrance onto the 21st Century.
This contemporary work was mounted in Paris in 2001, in Bercy’s garden, located between the National Library of France and the Government Finance Department.
These monumental pieces are dressed with the modern roots of today’s urban life : sewer covers, tree plates and grids…
Rachid Khimoune searched these “street’s skins” for more than 40 years in big cities all over the word.

Early in 80′s, Rachid Khimoune thought of ” Children of the world” when watching his daughter and friend dancing hand in hands in kindergarten’s courtyard.
As he explains, “although all streets are the same, sewer plates and grids around trees are as different from one city to another as are tattoos on skin”.
“These signs even reveal a city’s identity… I would have molded the world Water – Decontamination – Gas – Electricity, in all the languages of the world”.

Looking for the original roots in people, Rachid Khimoune has travelled the world, molding with elastomer paving stones, sewer plates, broken bitumen, all of which he calls”extraterrestrials” – extracted from the ground – to then dress his characters, as a designer would.

Children have always been the first to come help me, either when I’m looking for a location or when I’m setting up the elastomer.
Without any explanation, they naturally understand that this piece will exist.

21 Children of the World are installed

in Paris (France), in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), in Shanghai (China) for the World Expo 2010

Thanks to the generosity of prestigious sponsors and presidents, the copy of each sculpture displayed, goes back to its native city, giving many different sister cities around the world.

To this day, the following Children of the World have been adopted in Monaco, Mexico, Andorra, Italy, Morocco, and China.

All of them are still waiting for a new home… all together or separately.


Since stone age, art sets mankind’s memory.
Architecture, sculpture, painting, music are all expressions of the universal genius.
Thanks to a generous donation at the end of 19th Century, August Bartholdi created the Statue of Liberty.
Later on, France gave it to the United States of America as a present.
Today, this sculpture symbolizes the land that has welcomed emigrants from all over the world.
In the same vein, Rachid Khimoune’s project to install on all continents ” The Children of the Wold” is a symbol of Brotherhood and tolerance.
The sculptures will be places on every continent thanks to patrons and sponsors’ generosity.
More information : contact@rachidkhimoune.com

Technical part

Production Time : Minimum 10 months.
The 21 sculptures will be delivered to the continent.
Characters’s Height : between 6.9 and 8.2 feets.
They will be painted, lacquered and delivered on their bronze base.

There is no specific issue with maintenance except Varnish every 2 years.

Children of the World photo gallery here