Rachid Khimoune’s Peace Turtles :

1 000 turtles, symbolizing the war atrocities.

The turtles were created unsung helmets from different war armies ( German, Russian and American…)

The turtle is the symbol of wisdom and humanity : It hibernates most of the year and comes out during the spring.

The cycle sadly depicts the recurring suffering linked to the War.

This is why Rachid Khimoune decided to do a set up with turtles, to symbolize peace.


Many happenings took place in France:

Paris – Trocadero (08/05/2011)
Omaha Beach (05/06/2011)
Château de Fontainebleau (30/07/2011)
Lyon – place Louis Pradel (11/09/2013)

He hopes that his ephemeral installation will be hosted in the biggest cities of the world.